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Located high on Mingus Mountain in the cool Arizona Ponderosa Pines, AZ Supercamp is at Mingus Springs, a secluded private camp owned by the University of Arizona. The natural springs at the facility provide the water for camp as well as the recreational lake we swim in. The 40 acre camp is on a small valley along Ash Creek and includes 9 cabins, a large dining hall and kitchen, a recreational building, lots of sunshine and afternoon rains, deer (everywhere) and various cabins for nurse, cooks, parents, and Ranch Moms/Dads.  There us a large shower/bathroom building, with 8 enclosed showers and 8 sinks.

The University of Arizona insures the facilities meet all standards for recreational camps.  They also comply with all regulations and inspections.


Supercamp got its start back in the 1980s with the aspirations of being the most fun girls gymnastics camp in the Western United States!  With so many activities, traditions, and swinging under the beautiful pine trees of Northern Arizona, what else could you want!?  Unfortunately due to the recession in 2008, the last summer for Supercamp was in 2007.  After an 8 year hiatus, Supercamp came back better than ever!  


We vow to keep the tradition alive while continuing to improve on the camp each and every year!  The directors have a true passion for this camp, the sport of gymnastics, and the impact it can have on so many gymnasts!  


Court Area

The court area is a large double-wide tennis court, covered by a commercial tent and open air sides.  The court area houses the floor exercise, beam, vault, and power tumbling stations.

Bars, Tramp, and Silks Area

This are is beside the tennis court and houses our uneven bars, low bar, tramp, and silks stations.  This area is shaded by tarps and various trees.  You will be swinging and flying high among the pine trees! 

Recreational Area

The campground has numerous areas built for so much fun!  There is a recreational hall with foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard, and our famous DANCE PARTY and SKIT NIGHT! Towards the front of the campground, there is a lake where you can fish, kayak, swim, and slide into the crisp cool water!  There also is a large open field  at the end of campground for various games, basketball court, bonfire for S'mores and so much more! 


SUPERCAMP BY DAY                                               AFTERNOONS                                          TENTATIVE DAILY SCHEDULE                      SUPERCAMP BY NIGHT 

7:30a        WAKE UP!                                                 1:15p  Afternoon Activity                         Rotating Daily Activities:                                One activity per night:

POLAR BEARS wake slightly earlier!!                     3:45p  Fourth Rotation                             TableTennis Tourn.                                          - Capture the Flag

8:00a    Breakfast                                                     4:15p Fifth Rotation                                  Horse Shoe Tourn.                                           - Camp Commando

9:00a    Warmup                                                       4:45p Last Rotation                                  Challenge Course                                             - The Legendary Story of

9:15a    First Rotation                                               5:45p Dinner                                             Frisbee Golf Tourn.                                              “Old Man Mingus”

10:00a  Second Rotation                                         6:30p Evening Activity                                                                                                          - Fright Night

10:45a Third Rotation

12:30pm Lunch

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